Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shriners Hospital Surgery

Our family traveled to Shriner's Hospital in September for Steven's knee surgery. We were blessed to stay at the Ronald McDonald House during this three day adventure. He went through the procedure well, although he did have some leg pain for about two weeks. The doctors inserted a plate and screws over the growth place on one side of the knee with the intent of arresting growth and development of one side while the other side catches up. They believe this procedure will begin to correct some bowing in the legs and help to realign the lower body. After two weeks fo home-based education, Steven is now walking independently and is back to school. (Thanks to some friends, we were able to secure a pediatric wheelchair during his recovery.

Meanwhile, Samuel received his new prosthetic arm. It looks like a regular arm and hand with an external cable attached to straps. When he moves a shoulder muscle, his fingers will open and close. Right now he is a bit embarrassed to wear it in public - school or church. If he discovers a good use for the arm I'm sure he will use it regularly.

Student teaching is likewise progressing and should be completed by the end of the semester. Amy is also taking classes. But she doesn't know how much longer she will be able to stay in school because there are so few funds available right now.

I am reminded what it says in the Psalms: "The Lord's purposes for us will not fail."

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