Monday, August 23, 2010

Shriner's Hospital

The boys are back to school after a lengthy doctor(s) visit at Shriner's Hospital. There were several doctors going in and out of our room: genetist, genetic counselor, orthopedic doctors and their assistants, occupational therapists, and a doctor that builds prosthetic devices. The bottom line:
1. Samuel will soon be receiving a new arm - Samuel still needs to understand that a prosthetic limb is a tool. It cannot be like his other hand and arm. Can't improve on what God made. They let him play with an arm and he was able to make the hand open and close by simply moving his shoulder. He will be able to use his new arm to ride a bicycle or even play a trumpet.
2. Steven's kind of arthrogryposis was determined to be amyoplasia. This is the most common type of arthrogryposis. There is not yet a genetic test to determine this condition. The geneticist came up with this conclusion by examining Steven's condition. He feels that Steven can actually improve in some his his movements with physical therapy.
3. The orthopedic doctors and surgeon are scheduling surgery for Steven to improve his alignment. An epiphysiodesis surgery will be performed. It should alleviate some of Steven's leg pain while helping to correct bowing in his legs. Perhaps he will not fall down as often as he does.
4. The occupational therapist is very good. She really knows her stuff! She was so excited to learn that Steven actually has biceps. She believes these muscles can gain some strength.

We're not sure how we're going to work out the details for the surgery with my teaching schedule. Both of us will need to be there since both children have appointments that day. They will miss at least three days of school.

Our daughter is now a college student! She's already getting acclimated and is making new friends. I'll see her tomorrow and perhaps spend some time with her.

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