Monday, March 15, 2010

Scarce Commodoties

There is a principle in economics: People have infinite needs and wants and they draw from limited resources. There is scarce supply. We proved this principle last night when we asked the boys to go brush their teeth. They turned on the tap and nothing came out! Why was there no water? I checked the fuses to make sure the well pump was receiving electricity. I looked all over the house for the cause but couldn't figure it out. After putting the boys to bed we talked about all the possible causes. Did the boys turn on the outside faucet and leave it on? That turned out to be the case. And then we prayed that the pump had not burned out from continually sucking dirt.
This morning I as awoke from praying for the Lord to replenish our water supply, I had these thoughts:
1. In John 4 Jesus told a woman that the water she drew from would not satisfy her thirst. but the water that he gives would be eternally fulfilling. It's a supply that will never run dry.
2. The Scripture also states that the Lord will satisfy all your needs according to his glorious riches. (see the supply and demand working here?)
3. Jesus also taught us to pray "give us today our daily bread". Interestingly I prayed this with the boys last night before bedtime. We must pray believing that God cares about our needs and He will provide what we need for the moment. Someone once stated that God will supply our needs, not our greeds.

This morning we have water. I don't know how restored our water supply is, but we will have enough for today. For this we must give thanks. Therefore we can have confidence that God will supply gainful employment, enough funds to pay our necessities. And even when we have lean times, we can experience the security of knowing that God's unlimited supply of his love and grace is ours.