Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Blessed Christmas to you all. As we celebrate the birth of Christ, I am reminded of all the blessings God has given to us in the birth of His Son. These blessings continue to overflow into our lives.
Here are some things we are thankful for in this Christmas season.

1. The blessing of a warm place to live. Even though much of America has experienced a cold snap, we are all "nestled in our beds". There is food in the cupboard and everyone is healthy.
2. The blessing of family. As we grow older, we feel a greater need for connectedness to family. We don't know how long we will all have each other, so every minute we spend with our loved ones is precious.
3. Jobs and the hope for future employment. We're thankful for the schooling that enables us to find good jobs. Amy continues her college education and Roger finishes his Master's Degree. Now for the difficult task of finding gainful employment.
4. Shriner's Hospital - We're so thankful for this organization that reaches out to improve the lives of children with disabilities. Steven has done very well after his recent surgery. He's back to running and playing, although there still is some sensitivity in his knees.
5. Most importantly, we are grateful for the birth of Jesus Christ, who not only has revolutionized our world, but has changed our lives as well. Any accomplishments we have made in our lives and family is due to His generosity and kindness.

May the Lord enrich your lives and give Him the gift of your devotion.

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